Education is an important part of a child’s life. Knowledge helps a person grow into the adults they live the rest of their lives as. Unfortunately, numerous countries in our world do not have the ability to provide a proper education to all of the children who live there. Just one of these countries is Africa. Luckily there are generous people who inhabit our country and other countries who do have the funds necessary, and with that comes programs like charities. There are several wonderful charities to donate to for children’s education out there and it is easy to take part!

Africa is not only the world’s second-largest continent, but it is also the world’s poorest and most underdeveloped country. This causes extremely high levels of illiteracy, malnutrition, poverty, and poor health. Without proper education, children lack the understanding and common sense they need to abide in everyday life. The illiteracy rate in Africa is a huge factor in the country’s crooked governments, human rights defilements, and repeated tribal and military encounters.

One of the largest charities to donate to is the Africa Educational Trust. This foundation has been around for over fifty years and has helped aid almost one million children and young adults in Africa. They focus on the areas in Africa where there is usually more conflict, as these areas are the ones that tend to see less international assistance. The main goal of this establishment is to provide proper education and training to those unable to receive it on a regular basis. AET has great photos, links, and testimonies available for those interested in helping their cause.

Aid for Africa is another one of the largest charities to donate to that is devoted to helping the cultivating and educating of underprivileged African youths in Africa, as well as several other causes throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. This is a nonprofit charity focused on helping all issues that Africa faces, not solely educational. The main Aid for Africa organization hosts dozens of smaller and more refined charities beneath it, making it simple to log in and donate to whatever cause one is looking to aid.

It is always important to help those who need the things we have more than we need them. We can do this with the help of organizations like Africa Educational Trust and Aid for Africa, along with the countless other foundations out there. Education is something that can truly change our world for the better and can change a single child’s life without question.

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