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Community Development Network (CDN) is a 501 (c)3 Non-Profit Organization in the US and an NGO Charity in the UK. When you donate, your donation is processed through Tika Nepal, our Nepal based gift shop that supports all projects for CDN. Your contributions to CDN will go to support our many projects and the people of Nepal.

A Little Can Go a Long Way

  • $50 pays for 12 children to receive school supplies to last 3 months
  • $300 sends one student to one year of University
  • $2,500 covers enough school supplies for a school of 600 students
  • $6,500 pays for a new water system in a school.
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Understanding Nepal’s Educational System and the People

The Government of Nepal values Education and promotes it well within the communities. Every Nepali knows they need an education, from young school age through University. It is required to obtain any type of job. The ones that learn English get the better jobs, and the better the English the more they get paid.

Government Funded Schools

The Government provides schools for most communities. However, being that the country isn’t the richest, the schools still struggle to get the best education to the children, and not all communities are supplied with schools. Teachers are usually paid fairly, and the schools are maintained minimally. Kids that perform well in school receive support from the Government in the form of school supplies (notebooks and pencils). However, the teachers themselves don’t always have the best education, and therefore don’t pass the best onto the children.

The Alternative – Private Education

Most of the parents in the communities will spend money on private education. The private schools will provide better Teachers and better English classes. The more expensive schools will primarily teach in English rather than just a class once a day, so the students graduate speaking fluent English and Nepali. Private schools can run anywhere from $10 to $50 per month. A common Nepali wage for basic labor is 500 – 1000 rupees per day. The higher paying salaries can run 2000 – 3000 per day (bankers and business professionals), and most of those people live in the city. These are the people that send their children to private schools. The ones that go to public school don’t usually have jobs, or only find part time temporary work here and there. They live off of the land they own and provide for themselves. What they do earn goes to things like their electricity and various items they just can’t make or grow.

Nuwakat and Syangja Phedikhola 9 Danda Goun School

The children attending the school I have been visiting are the poorest of the poor. There are only 16 students. The school doesn’t provide a decent education, doesn’t have a good water system, and the students don’t always get the assistance they need because they don’t have the materials required to do the work necessary to perform well. So, most of the families send the kids to private school, even when they really can’t afford it. Since there aren’t many students, the Government has been talking about shutting it down, then leaving the children that are going without a means to obtain any education at all, or they have to walk to the school at the next village over which is miles away.

My Long Term Plan

My plan is to help them all help themselves. Last year we provided 3 months of school supplies for the children. While there are 16 students generally attended, there were only 12 that day. We handed out enough for them to be able to do their school work and perform better in school. The classrooms when I visited the very first time had all of one student, or maybe 2 or 3 in them. Now there are more students per classroom – about 4-5. We told them we were not coming back, so that they wouldn’t expect to get another hand out and would work hard to get help from the Government.

Three Projects for 2017

Igniting Self Reliance

The Syangja Phedikhola 9 Danda Goun School in Nuwakot
In June I have two volunteers coming, and we plan to provide the children with 3 months worth of supplies again. We have not said anything to them as we want them to continue to work hard for themselves. However with there being more students this year I want to give them another push.
Budget is $60
Larger School in Community close to Nuwakot 
We are raising money now through sales of items in our shop in Pokhara, Tika Nepal, to tourists in Nepal and shipments to America to provide a public school containing ~600 students with 3 months of supplies. This will give more students a chance to perform well and receive assistance from the Government.
Budget is $2500

Recurrent Assessed Scholarship Program

Scholarships for young girls that are promising students to attend University for one year
The young girls roughly 16 – 18 graduate from public schools with no means to be able to afford University and obtain a career. Their families will arrange them in marriages because at this stage they become a financial burden on the family that they can no longer bear. We provide the young girls with one year of University. There are rules around what they need to do to qualify.

  1. They must have performed well in school before we fund them.
  2. They must have plans for a career that is feasible should they marry after they finish University. (some careers are not acceptable for a wife and therefore the women are forced to stop work when married)
  3. They write a letter to the person that provides the donation detailing their plans for their Education, what they plan to do after they finish, why they are choosing this path, why they are in need of assistance (one girl’s Father is deaf and mute so cannot work and her Mother is uneducated) and a thank you for considering her to help financially.
  4. They must not marry during their time in University.
  5. They are often asked to assist with volunteer activities and must be willing to when not in school.

We asses them after a year to determine if they met all of the criteria again and qualify for another year.

Budget is $300 – $400 per student for one year of University and supplies (books, notebooks, pencils, etc)

Water system for School in Nuwakot

The Government funded school we provided supplies to has a limited water system. Water is collected off of the roof of the two buildings when it rains and collected into a holding tank. It rains just a few months out of year, not enough to really fill the tank, and the water system appears to be broken.

The children and teachers simply go in the woods, and have nothing to wash up with (they wash after they go in Nepal, and do not use toilet paper as we do in the West). They also do not wash their hands, which could spread disease. There are just under 20 students now. When the water system is added, the quality of the time in school will improve and therefore more students will attend. This will encourage the Government to provide a better education which will encourage even more students to attend. With families sending their children to public school they are no longer spending the money on private school which allows them to provide more for their families. Read more in our Project Proposal Download PDF.


Budget Total $6,341

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Donate Now!

Community Development Network (CDN) is a 501 (c)3 Non-Profit Organization in the US and an NGO Charity in the UK. When you donate, your donation is processed through Tika Nepal, our Nepal based gift shop that supports all projects for CDN. Your contributions to CDN will go to support our many projects and the people of Nepal.