It Started as a Blog

I am no stranger to blogging managing many blogs, but the Misadventures of Jenn blog has become my most popular. I started writing about my adventures traveling around the U.S. and added more blog posts as I traveled outside the U.S. and began working with charities and volunteering.

I hope you enjoy my posts just as much as the many others that have throughout the years. If you would like to help with volunteering or just donate to keep our programs going, please feel free to give what you can.  A little can really go a long way.

I left my Successful Career in Digital Media Marketing

That’s right!

For over 15 years I worked in the tech industry as a digital marketing professional. Also known as the SEOGoddess I not only optimized websites for many companies, but I also spearheaded my own conferences in the industry. Considered one of the thought leaders of the SEO industry I made the transition from an in-house employee for a very large corporation to a consultant. After 2 years of consulting I left to travel the world and put my money and efforts towards making a difference in people’s lives.

Jenn Mathews - SEOGoddess

I Now Volunteer

4 Projects in 2015

  • Igniting Self Reliance

  • Recurrent Assessed Scholarship Program

  • Building Homes in Nepal

  • Solar Powered Computer Lab

Working with Three 501(c)3 Organizations

Donate Now!

Community Development Network (CDN) is a 501 (c)3 Non-Profit Organization in the US and an NGO Charity in the UK. Your contributions to CDN will go to support our many projects:

…and Sell Products Made in Nepal

Hemp Bracelets

Tika Nepal offers many handmade items by the Nepali people, these popular bracelets are made of 100% hemp.


You can purchase items I pick up during my travels and a percentage of the profits goes to support the three projects through CDN.

By purchasing items from Tika Nepal you help in 3 ways:

  1. Support the Nepal Economy
  2. 10% Proceeds go to Projects
  3. Provide Jobs for the Nepali

All Hemp Items