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San Salvador

No Communication

I was so nervous about my 4 hour layover in El Salvador than the entire week trek in Nicaragua to.

An Adventure in Education

As Sandra walked into the kitchen the morning of our last day on trek wearing her backpack strutting proudly that’s.

San Salvador

Live Blogging During Travel to Nicaragua

I have a lot of time to kill while traveling to Nicaragua this very late evening earlier than normal morning..

Build a School in Nicaragua

To Build a School in Nicaragua – Less Than a Week to Go

I Get to Build a School in Nicaragua The past several months my Husband has been working with buildOn and the.

Build a School in Nicaragua

I’m Going to Build a School in Nicaragua with buildOn

In May of this year, just around the time my life was turned upside down, I presented with the opportunity.

Las Vegas

What Happens in Vegas

For those of you that have been to Las Vegas, NV you know as well as I do that “What.

Palm Desert CA

Palm Desert California

We only spent a few days, but managed to pack in quite a bit of touring around while there. Our.