Another Trek – this time Nepal and India

Orphans to Ambassadors works with organizations around the world that serve displaced and vulnerable children in developing nations. The volunteers raise funds and work to provide sustainable technology that save money, improve quality-of-life and promote self-sufficiency by addressing critical issues like water reclamation, renewable energy, and sustainable food sources.

We will be building a chicken coup for an Orphanage in Odisha India as a source for providing future income. Most of our funds are covered for the materials, however we still need more to provide the chickens, feed and vaccines. Additional funds would be helpful to provide more in building materials such as lumber, corrugated iron, masonry foundation and fencing.

In addition we will be heading to Nepal to install solar panels that will be powering a computer lab so that the child in the orphanage can receive an education. We are in need of computers and any educational programs anyone is willing to donate (Microsoft Office, Photoshop, etc).

I will be traveling with my long time childhood friend Katherine Steen (who is coordinating the India trek and I have known since we were kids) and a few other volunteers. I will, of course, have plenty of pics taken and shared all over Facebook, Twitter, etc. so that you can see where your money and donations are going.

More about Orphans to Ambassadors:
The organization we are working with in India:

You can donate via PayPal (be sure to not that the money is for Nepal or India) –



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