Live Blogging During Travel to Nicaragua

I have a lot of time to kill while traveling to Nicaragua this very late evening earlier than normal morning. So why not spend some of that time live blogging my adventures?

Here’s how this is going to go down. I’ll start with this post and come back and update it as much as I can throughout the trip. I’ll be sure to timestamp each entry so can read this later and have a sense of when it was updated. And… because I am attempting this from my tablet (I left my computer at home) you are going to promise to forgive any typos.

The trip started with a day of last minute fixes and purchases. My battery on my phone isn’t charging so I bought two new ones yesterday. Last night not one battery was charging. I hit the T-Mobile store first thing and purchased a new charger hoping that was the problem. When I got home I plugged the phone in and one of the new batteries was charged in a matter of an hour. Phew…

I started packing up my bag. First by laying all of my clothes and necessities on the bed. After going through my check list I realized my new Buff I had been wearing daily the past few weeks was missing. I just had it on last night… I looked everywhere throughout the house. I couldn’t find it anywhere.I finally resorted to driving to REI to buy a new one to replace the missing one. Tempted to buy a new color just in case the lost one would show up, I just ended up buying the exact same color. Some things are just too important.

After cramming all of my clothes into my pack I had the rest of the day to reflect so I cleaned the house, grabbed groceries for Katie and the nanny, and relaxed with some episodes on July.

My driver arrived at 10:45 pm and dropped me at the airport shortly after. I checked in and checked my bag with Taca airlines already feeling like I’m in a portal to a new world. No charge for the bag was pretty darn awesome. So far I highly recommend Taca if you are flying to Central America.

After a very short line through security and a quick feel up by the female security guard I’m at my gate awaiting my flight to begin boarding. My flight leaves at 1:13 am and should be boarding soon. It is now 12:18 am PST.

So I’ll sign off now and continue to enjoy the Frank Sinatra playing by the gentlemen with the array of wires and electronics next to me. Until next time…

12:10 pm San Salvador, El Salvador

Our flight arrived in San Salvador at roughly 8am. Since then I have had breakfast at a bar here in the airport consisting of a bagel with egg and sausage.

This Seattle raised girl managed one more day with her coffee. In fact that’s one universal language I have found here. “Cafe Latte por favor”… “Si… Grande”
Bam… there ya have it!

I managed to check in on Facebook and grab some pics while here. I had to, of course, grab a shot of the coffee shop. For posterities sake….

Rob is in Nicaragua now, and while we aren’t able to communicate on our phones we have been IMing through Google Talk. I have my $10 ready for my Visa in Nicaragua and know exactly what to fill out on my travel papers on the plane. Thank you modern technology.

After ordering my coffee and breakfast this morning I remembered finally to download and install the Google Translate app for my phone. Next time I will let Google do the talking for me.

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