Pokhara, Nepal is one of Nepal’s larger cities. The city is a beloved destination thanks to a number of key factors.

  1. Magnificent scenery – views of Phewa Lake and all that the area has to offer are a delight from every part of the city.
  2. Culinary hub  – with many exciting and delectable options in dining.
  3. A place for thrill-seekers – big fans of recreational activities can fulfill their need all within the cities limits.
  4. Rich culture – some of Pokhara’s most popular tourist attractions include the International Mountain Museum, Old Pokhara (a wonderful place to check out historic architecture) and Sarangkot.

As far as recreational activities go, this Nepalese city is quite impressive. Some examples of the many diverse activities that are available in the area include zip lining, kayaking, paragliding, mountain biking, whitewater rafting and even stand-up paddle boarding. If you’d like to experience a little adventure while taking in all of the sights of this city, then you’ll undoubtedly want to participate in some recreation during your visit.

The people in this city are very welcoming and accommodating. If you want to experience true kindness and generosity Nepalese style, then this city should be at the top of the places you wish to visit. You can always ask one of the staff at the hotel you are staying to help plan your activities while you are here.

Sarangkot is a beloved attraction for people who are mesmerized by stunning views. If you’d like to gaze out at the Himalayan mountains, then you’ll surely appreciate a day spent exploring what Sarangkot has to offer.

Devi’s Falls is another another memorable attraction. This lovely waterfall is a majestic site. It’s also the subject of many interesting legends among the residents of the region. Patale Chhango is another name for this gorgeous landmark.