Devi’s Fall

Davis Falls, (also known as Devi’s Falls and David’s Falls) located outside of Pokhara, in the Kaski District, Nepal, came about its name rather tragically. While many stories exist, the most widely circulated is that in the early 1960s a Swiss couple named Devi visited the lake feeding the falls for some swimming. The wife was sucked in to the tunnel which leads to the falls. Her body was never found, but in the search, the falls were discovered. There exists conflicting information as to whether the couple both drowned or it was only the wife (sometimes also referred to as a girlfriend)who perished. To the Nepalese, the site has retained its name of Patale Chango, which means “underworld waterfall” as the falls begin where the Pardi Khola stream migrates underground.

The spot is a very popular destination for tourists and locals alike, although many seasoned travelers recommend avoiding a visit on Saturdays as that is the local’s day off, and there can be over crowding. The falls are not too far from the airport: to get there, travel 2km southwest on the same road one would take to Butwal. Davis Falls are located right before you reach the Tashi Ling Tibetan camp.

The road is quite busy, with a large number of shops, and the ticket counter and entrance to the falls is located immediately after the shops. There is a somewhat nondescript sign pointing the way to Devi Falls. The falls are not located very far at all from the busy shopping area and many visitors comment on the way the waterfall is “smack dab in the middle of” a busy commercial district. There is not much of a hike to speak of, and there are guard rails in the viewing area which makes Davis Falls a great option for those not athletically inclined. Additionally, the path is partially paved, making access to viewing the falls even easier.

The stream feeding the falls flows from a lake and traverses a tunnel before it enters the falls. There are multiple viewing areas on different levels, as the water flows through a rock formation. Most visitors agree that it it the front viewing platform that affords the best, most encompassing view.

Outside of the falls area, there is a very popular wishing well of Goddess Manakamna Bhagwatiand and one can purchase coins at the ticket counter to toss in while making their wish. In testament to the very touristic nature of the attraction, there is also a cut-out of a life size clay people couple that you can pose behind for a fun souvenir of your visit to Davis Falls.