Paragliding in Pokhara

About Paragliding Pokhara in Nepal

Pokhara is an optimal location for paragliding because it has the right thermals, several landing zones, a big lake, and dynamic views. People always start off on tandem jumps unless they are experienced paragliders. There are only two companies in the city that offer paragliding lessons. The experts at Trekking Partners suggest that you always make sure the company that you hire is charging you for insurance for your flight. Anyone who does not have insurance should be avoided.


If you are contemplating getting over your fear of heights, then you should spend the $75 to $125 depending on whether you choose the short or long flight. If you want to document your experience, then you can buy a GoPro Camera for $17. In all, 19 companies offer paragliding flights in Pokhara. Most prices are flat fees that include the cost of insurance and transportation to and from the jump. To get a 15-day flight permit to go solo, you have to visit the Civil Aviation Office. The permit costs $45. You can renew the license when it expires if you like. It takes about an hour and requires a copy of your visa, passport, photo id, proof of insurance, and paragliding license.


It takes a pilot more than two years before they can become certified to be a tandem pilot. You get many hours of training in that time, and must reach certain milestones before becoming licensed. Paragliding Pokhara can get crowded during the warm months with more than 250 gliders in the sky. They key is to remember the safety rules and the outs like the lake in case of emergencies. Most experts, believe that the worst cases of dangerous conditions occur during take-off or landing. The wind can gust up and cause a sudden direction change.

Best time to book

Booking can be made in as little as one day in advance, but a small deposit is required at the time of scheduling. You can do this by telephone, via email, or in person if you like. There are classes that you can take to learn how to become a solo paraglider. They last for 15 days, at the end of which you are granted your own paragliding license that is suitable for flying paragliders anywhere in the world.

Right conditions for flying

TP says that most paragliding companies offer three flights a day. They suggest opting for the noon launch because it gives the thermals time to develop and create a perfect atmosphere for flying. For an easier, less dynamic flight, previous pilots suggest going for the early morning take-off when the thermals are not as strong as they are later in the day. Paragliding Pokhara is popular during the early Spring months of March and April and later in the fall during September, October, and November. Autumn is when the thermals are often at their peak. Experts say that if you can get a window of clearing during the monsoons in June and July that you will be treated with spectacular tropical views.

Becoming a tandem paragliding pilot

Those who are interested in paragliding enough to spend the two years flying around the world are rewarded with their paragliding license. You have to fly under differing weather conditions to prove that you can handle the paraglider at all times. You are required to fly with different instructors to make sure that no one gets an advantage, and each pilot is judged on an average. Training pilots are also required to participate in several flight scenarios that require the use of their reserve chute, using an alternate landing zone, and dealing with sudden wind changes. This type of training ensures that you are well-rounded and ready for any conditions you may come across during the flight.

Whether you want to go for a short, calm flight or go to the extreme and get your own paragliding license, you are sure to have fun when you go paragliding Pokhara. The beautiful views, the carefree feelings, and the sense of excitement are worth the cost of admission. It is an experience that you can put in your memory albums to show your grandchildren one day. Enjoying the beauty of Nepal is amazing when trekking, but there is just something about paragliding that makes it even more special. You can feel the wind on your face, hear the birds chirping, and see the wind ripple off the water of the lake while basking in the glow of the sun on your way back down to the Earth. Your experience with paragliding Pokhara in Nepal could be just the thing you need to revitalize you.