Sarangkot Pokhara: Nepal’s Hidden Jewel

Sarangkot is a village just above Pokhara, in the tiny country of Nepal. Many travelers simply stop for one night to see the outstanding sunrise for which the village is famous, while others stay to enjoy a week of hiking or paragliding, two of the area’s most popular activities. Whichever option one chooses, a trip to this enchanting part of the world will never be forgotten.

Spectacular Views

The panoramic view of the Annapurna Mountain Range from Pokhara is breathtaking, and one of the world’s most famous landscapes. The massive mountains reach a dizzying height of over 8000 meters and clear, unobstructed views are almost always possible.

Paragliding and Hiking

In addition to simply relaxing and taking in outstanding views of Phewa Lake, Pokhara Valley and the area’s towering Mount Range, visitors can also spend their days hiking or paragliding. Because the region offers the perfect backdrop for both activities, travelers who like to indulge in these sports often return home to tell others that there is no better place to enjoy a nature hike or a gliding excursion.

In Pokhara, a jungle hike is an option as well. Visitors are often escorted by professional guides from the jungle to the Peace Pagoda, the latter of which is a local Temple featuring beautiful architecture that offers an outstanding view of the mountain range. Because it is a favorite destination among paragliders, the village recently hosted a Russian paragliding competition event.

Friendly Residents

Hospitable, cheerful and amiable, local residents make visitors feel like family. They often invite tourists to see how local cuisines are made, how crafts are completed, and even share information about local religious customs including how they pray or meditate. Both rustic and convenient, the village provides an interesting glimpse into the slow, peaceful life of the villagers. In today’s modern world, such hospitality is quite difficult to find, but it is something that travelers to Sarangkot always remark about after their trip.

Peace and Tranquility

Although sports such as paragliding and hiking are very popular in the area, one of the top reasons people choose this part of the world for a vacation is the peace and tranquility it offers. The road that leads to the surrounding villages is not highly traveled, making it ideal for an easy walk or run. Additionally, the road offers a beautiful view of the Pokhara valley side, which is a startling contrast to the impressively tall mountain range. There are also many opportunities to view birds and animals in their natural habitats. Anyone who is interested in communing with nature and relaxing in a tranquil environment will find the village an ideal destination.


The primary type of accommodation in the village is its quaint guest houses. Blending into the landscape, these unique establishments offer a comfortable, yet rustic environment in which travelers can relax and unwind. Hidden Paradise is the premier guest house and hotel with a peaceful surrounding, breathtaking views of Lake Phewa and easy access to Sarangkot. Because there are no moderate resorts or facilities, visitors can fully experience the area and all its natural beauty. Because the guest houses blend well into the background scenery, staying there makes one feel as if he or she is a permanent resident of the region.

Getting There

It is possible to hike to the village for its sunrise, and many professional hikers enjoy making the journey. However, the trek takes approximately four hours and should not be attempted by inexperienced hikers. The village can also be reached easily from Pokhara by automobile in a mere 45 minutes. Whether one is planning to hike, paraglide or simply commune with nature, Nepal’s hidden jewel of Sarangkot, Pokhara is the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable vacation.