There are plenty of locations for shopping in Pokhara and our personal shopping guide Niishaa is familiar with them all. From our closest Lakeside to taking a bus into the heart of Pokhara, Niishaa can get you where you want to go and help you find the shops that best fit your style and price range.

Niishaa is the wife of Manish Thapa one of the three Brothers that own and manage the hotel. She spends most of her days and nights cooking our wonderful traditional Nepali meals and serving guests with their needs, as well as caring for her little girl (and a bundle of joy around Hidden Paradise) Niishima. Several days a week Niishaa heads into Pokhara to buy the much needed vegetables and necessities for the hotel and often likes to bring guests with her. Guests in the past have enjoyed her showing them the market and taking them to specific shops to buy special items so much that they have often paid her for her time. So we now ask that guests pay her a minimum of just $30 for the day per guest, though often we have found guests enjoy their time so much that they give her much more.

If there is a special item you need like a nose piercing, a Nepali sweater or some crafts to take home for friends Niishaa will help guide you to the shops that have the best items and customer service. She will even help you translate and negotiate a good price with the shop keepers.

So be sure to plan out a day for shopping in Pokhara and let us know which day during your stay that you would like to have Niishaa show you around when you book your time with us.