Hidden Paradise

Established in 2001 Hidden Paradise has been in business now for 16 years.

What began as a vision of a means to make money for a small family of brothers and one sister just North of Pokhara Nepal’s North Lakeside with a few room Guest House is now a flourishing Hotel and Guest House. There are rooms available starting at $7 per night in their Guest House for those that like to live simply and don’t mind sharing a shower. For those looking for a bit more and a private bath their Standard Rooms provide guests with a space that is simple and private. Newly built Round Rooms and the newest addition Luxury Rooms provide guests with the luxury of a Hotel within their secluded and peaceful atmosphere.

When guests join they become a part of the family. With the three Brothers managing the hotel lead by Laxman followed by Manish and his wife Nisha with their outgoing daughter, and including Milan and cousin Shree who provides guests with morning Yoga and guides guests with easy going hikes up Sarangkot or short overnight treks into the Himalayas.

Each day begins with a nice breakfast of tea and available simple items including eggs and toast, porridge or muesli. Guests can enjoy an activity planned by Laxman or Manish of tours of the local temples and sightseeing around Pokhara, paragliding over the city with a birds eye view of the mountains, a nice relaxing boat ride across the lake, a quiet horseback ride, or perhaps a day of shopping with their own personal guide Nisha to the local market with help in bargaining for the best price on local crafts an clothing. Evenings fall with dinner served after sunset in their traditional Nepali dining area of a traditional dal bhat with curry vegetables, chipote and vegetables, or even a simple pasta and vegetables dish.

The hotel is a unique experience you won’t find anywhere else. They take pride in attention to detail and the effort The family puts into ensuring each and every one of their guests has a memorable and relaxing experience while visiting Pokhara.