The Top 10 Things to Do in Pokhara

Forget all the usual top 10 things to do in Pokhara that everyone else posts about and get a look at the list I have put together for you. I have lived in Pokhara since November of 2015 and have come to learn that there are more things to do in Pokhara than the usual Paragliding, Trekking, or the Peace Temple. I’ve gathered a list of some of the fun things to do when in Pokhara that will make you feel more like a local and less than a tourist.

So here they are, and convenient maps for you to find them, in no particular order.The Movie Garden is a unique experience situated in Pokhara’s North Lakeside, the property overlooks Lake Phewa (or Fewa). Guests are filed in on the sloped hillside on steps and various seating that all point towards the big screen. A you arrive you pay at the bar and order your alcoholic beverage – a beer, a hard cocktail or a customary hot drink to warm you as you snuggle under one of the provided blankets. If you’re hungry, you can order a pizza from Godfather’s just down the hill and a wait staff will bring it to you.

The line up of movies changes every night and is posted once a week on their Facebook page, or keep track on our Movie Garden page here. You can always walk up to the entrance and see what movie is playing that evening on the posted sign as well.Busy Bee is one of my favorite places to spend an evening out. This place is a favorite of the locals, but you won’t find just Nepali hanging out here. Many tourists eventually find out about the popular Pokhara nightlife hotspot and will flock by the dozens. But don’t worry, there is plenty of seating and a lot of activity going on. There is live music most every night, a pool pit for those that prefer a game of Billiards, and places to sit away from the noise and crowd outside as well.

But Busy Bee isn’t just popular in the evening, as they offer meditation at 3:00 pm every day there is always something going on at this popular hang out.On those night that you prefer to just enjoy a live band or a simple acoustic guitar coupled with an amazing voice, I recommend a visit to Silk Road. Located just down the street a bit from the Movie Garden on Pokhara’s North Lakeside, you will find it nestled among the popular hostel area or “Hippie Town” as some of the locals call it.

Be sure to order Silk Road’s unique Apple Mo Mo’s and wash them down with one of their popular signature drinks. You can also grab a game or more of pool at their one and only pool table. But don’t forget to order some meat to give to one of the many dogs that live there.Yes, Pokhara has a Nightlife. Despite the fact that most of the city shuts down at 11:00 pm every evening, there is one night club that stays open until later. With EDM playing one night and a mix of Nepali and American Pop another, Ozone promises for an evening of dancing and drinking that makes up a true Pokhara Nightlife.This fairly new bar and hangout is located in Pokhara’s South Lakeside. Although the area is popular with the Chinese tourists, this unique club is owned and operated by a Dutch man who has a passion for house music. Tucked back just a few blocks from the main street, this club allows for an ambiance and plenty of fun for the entire evening with a large screen and a PS2 complete with Grand Theft Auto and many other games available to enjoy.

You may find the usual Nepali fair, but what is unique to this restaurant is the Omega Plate with potatoes, sausage and a mix of vegetables that tantalize your taste buds.When you feel you’ve had enough dal bhat, chowmein, and Mo Mos stop in to Cafe Concerto for some of the best Italian food in all of Nepal. Every guest is served a basket of bread with every meal, just as you would in any Italian style restaurant. Their pizza, pasta and soups will make your mouth water making it nearly impossible to pick just one dish.

Finish your meal off with a desert of ice cream and a espresso made there in the location. On cold evenings they’ll warm you up with a nice fire or an outdoor heater making this the most comfortable and nicest evenings you will have in Pokhara.Located in the same area as Cafe Concerto and Omega is the cute little handicraft shop called Tika Nepal. What makes this shop unique from all the others along Pokhara’s Lakeside is their lower prices and the way in which they give back to the community. Tika Nepal purchases all of their products from women owned businesses in Nepal that employ and support the local women. You will see many shops in Pokahara with the name of “women handicraft” something, but when it gets down to it they don’t truly support the women of Nepal, but this shop really does and they have proof.

In addition to supporting women owned manufacturers, the shop also helps the communities surrounding Pokhara by employing young girls while they earn money to attend University. They provide schools children with enough school supplies to do well in school and get support from the Government, and they have larger projects that improve entire communities by providing water to schools that have never had water before.

To learn more, stop by the shop and talk with Jenn or one of the girls that are working. I promise that you won’t have buyer’s remorse after shopping there.If you get a chance I highly recommend taking a trip into the city and enjoying a walk through of the local market. Located roughly 8-10 minutes from Lakeside and in the heart of Pokhara the local market has everything all the local people of Nepal need for their homes. From vegetables to dal and bhat and even clothing, housewares and fun toys for children. You will see it all.

I do recommend find a local to take you as this is not a typical tourist destination and the people don’t speak much English. If you haven’t found a guide or Nepali friend during your stay (the people are very nice and always willing to take time and help tourists) please feel free to [fusion_modal_text_link name=”contact” class=”” id=””]reach out to us[/fusion_modal_text_link] and we’ll  you with a nice local that can show you around.For those staying for a longer period you may find yourself in need of general household items, furniture or any other miscellaneous need. Pokhara’s New Road has it all from bedding, clothing, housewares, locks, paint, even fixtures for those building a new home. I highly recommend a trip up in a taxi just to see what’s available. Most taxi’s are pretty accommodating if you are unsure of what shop you want to stop at, or even if you want to go to a few.

If you would like a guide to help you find what you’re looking for, or just to help communicate while you’re negotiating the nest price, let us know and we’ll help you [fusion_modal_text_link name=”contact” class=”” id=””]find someoneFor those who really like to get away from the tourist area and enjoy a day at the village, Nuwakot is one of many communities located just outside of Pokhara. It’s the one area that Tika Nepal has concentrated their volunteer efforts, and they are always in need of volunteers to help hand out school supplies or oversee the water or other projects going on.

The best way to get there is by local bus, which you can catch in the city. I highly discourage tourists making the journey on their own as the community is not set up for tourists and therefore don’t speak much English, and there are no restaurants or other places to go. We can arrange for a guide to take you into the village and enjoy a home cooked meal of dal bhat by one of the local families if you would like to make the trip. Just [fusion_modal_text_link name=”contact” class=”” id=””]fill out the contact form[/fusion_modal_text_link] and we’ll get you connected.

If you wish to venture into a village on your own, I also recommend the community of Sedi Bagar which is located at the base of the Sarangkot hike. There are restaurants, hotels, and the locals are well accustomed to tourists so you get the feel of a village with all the comforts of being a tourist.So there you have it, my list of the best local and hidden treasures that Pokhara has to offer. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or would like any help planning your stay. Be sure to like our Facebook page with more updates on places to eat and visit around the city.

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